What makes the WKNO Memphis Memoirs series so special?
It’s more than a local documentary series, more than a history series.
It’s a nostalgia series, and its community appeal goes deeper
than the love of learning a city’s history.

The popularity of nostalgia programs has created a phenomenon called “a shared memory experience.” Nostalgia programs become a city’s scrapbook, of sorts. The phenomenon in Memphis began in 1995, when WKNO called upon its viewers in the city to send in its memories of fun places and events from Memphis in the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. Those memories became Memphis Memoirs: Remember When?, which premiered on Channel 10 in August, 1996. Since then, there have been more than nineteen Memphis Memoirs programs produced by WKNO.

WKNO has compiled a special Memphis Memoirs 13-Set DVD Collection.

For a one time pledge of $240, or $20 ongoing monthly support as a Sustaining Member
you can choose to receive as your thank-you gift
the 13-Set DVD Memphis Memoirs Collection
INCLUDING the newest program, Memphis Memoirs – Historic Homes.

The DVD Set includes the following Memphis Memoirs programs:

1. Beyond the Parkways
2. The Cotton Carnival Years
3. Downtown
4. Elmwood - Reflections of Memphis
5. Historic Homes
6. Kennedy Hospital - The City That Cared
7. Lost Memphis
8. Overton Park - A Century of Change
9. Overton Square: The Golden Age
10. Remember When
11. Sacred Spaces
12. Stax: The Early Years
13. When TV Came to Town

For a pledge of $75,
you can choose a single DVD of any of the above Memphis Memoirs shows.

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