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"Detours" (Compilation Episodes)

Detour 101 -- Originally aired March 2007
A walk in Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park (#107), A tour of Faulkner's Oxford, Mississippi (#111), and an archeologist who collects things from big excavations (#110).


Detour 102 -- Originally aired July 2009
The Society for Creative Anachronism, part 1 (#108), Dinsthul’s Candies (#309), Artist Jennifer Hyatt (#307), Ripley Tomato Festival (#204)


Detour 103 -- Originally aired September 2009
The Society for Creative Anachronism, part 2 (#109), Catfish (#202), Lepanto, AR Terrapin Derby in Lepanto, Arkansas (#107), Shelby Farms doc preview


Detour 104 -- Originally aired October 2009
Backbeat Ghost Tour (#403), Coon Dog cemetery (#305), Sivad (#206), Ghost Hunting (#206), Shelby Farms montage/credits.

#400s (Originally aired 2008-09)

#401 -- Originally aired July 2008
Memphis Farmers Market, Pete and Sam's Restaurant, (encore: Fort Pillow)


#402 -- Originally aired August 2008
A FedEx pilot who restores aircraft in Fayette Co., (encores: Shelby Forest General Store, Gaston’s White River Resort)


#403 -- Originally aired October 2008
A walking tour of Memphis, the set of an indy film project paying homage to SciFi’s golden era, and celebrate International Goat Day in Millington.


#404 -- Originally aired November 2008
A Tennessee workshop where pewter tableware is crafted by hand, a visit to Crawfordville, Arkansas, and shop for Rock’N’Roll threads in Memphis’ Cooper-Young neighborhood


#405 -- Aired December 2008
Repeat of 307


#406 -- Originally aired January 2009
Chatterbox Audio Theater, journalist and historian Jon Meacham on Andrew Jackson, West Tennessee Clean Cities Coalition and green fuels, Stacey Greenberg – “Dining with Monkey”s at Tsunami


#407 -- Originally aired February 2009
K.J. Wilburn’s obsession with cowgirls in movies, bald eagles at Reelfoot Lake, Xanadu Books & Johnny Lowebow cigar box instruments, The Swampstomper, a 25K trail race through Meeman Shelby Forest State Park


#408 -- Originally aired April 2009
Project Motion, a Memphis-based contemporary dance company; Meucci Cues of Mississippi, Gus’ Famous Fried Chicken

#300s (Originally aired 2007-08)

#301 -- Originally aired June 2007
Ladies Charity Skeet Classic by Willy Bearden, Lawn Mower Racing by Kip Cole, and a profile of artist Mary Lola Scott by Larry Dunn.


#302 -- Originally aired July 2007
The Memphis Zoo’s Bamboo Crew, Dr. Robert Canady, stained glass maker, “See Rock City!”, Steve Cropper and Wayne Jackson of Stax Records


#303 -- Originally aired August 2007
The 1966 Beatles concert at the Mid-South Coliseum, the story of the Moon Pie, preview of local WWII documentary.


#304 -- Originally aired September 2007
Two antebellum log cabins moved to Davies Plantation, The Memphis Motorsports Park, and Pronto Pups


#305 -- Originally aired October 2007
The Annual Coon Dog Cemetery Labor Day Celebration in Alabama, the McGown rocking chair, the Peace Bee Farm in Arkansas, history of Japanese kites at The Discovery Museum of West Tennessee in Jackson; Roller Derby enthusiasts.


#306 -- Originally aired November 2007
Bonnie Kourvelas looks at the state of the Blues in Memphis.


#307 -- Originally aired December 2007
Shiloh National Military Park and Cemetery, found metal artist Jennifer Hyatt, and Memphis pet photographer Peggy Foster


#308 -- Originally aired January 2008
Madam Laura, a 19th century band organ restored in Sykeston, AR. Brownsville environmental artist Billy Tripp and his structure “The Mindfield”, Earl Farrell on Owen Brennan’s, the new Blue Monkey downtown, The Blue Fish and more..


#309 -- Originally aired February 2008
New Madrid, Missouri, Memphians who opened a bookstore in Santorini in Greece, The Shelby Forest General Store, Dinsthul’s Candies


#310 -- Originally aired March 2008
Earle Farrell at Three Little Pigs, the Half Shell Restaurant and Bangkok Alley; a history of RVs, Joe Larkins takes a journey to Gaston’s White River Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas.


#311 -- Originally aired April 2008
Madam Laura (band organ) and the Gay 90s village in Sykeston MO


#312 -- Originally aired June 2008
The birthplace of Helen Keller in Tuscumbia, AL; Leonard’s BBQ; (encore: moon pies).

#200s (Originally aired 2006-07)

#201 -- Originally aired May 2006
Meets hardcore bocce players; The Memphis Reed Riders (harmonica players Jim Watkins and Gene Finney); and a preview of A Conversation with Bill Carter


#202 -- Originally aired June 2006
Visits the Cotton Museum; meets wedding photographer Jay Atkins; and reveals the lure of catfish


#203 -- Originally aired July 2006
Meets pipe maker Larry Comeaux, enjoys a treat from the Merrymobile, looks at the WKNO 50th Anniversary Open House celebration, and tours the city with Ride the Ducks.


#204 -- Originally aired August 2006
Actress Dixie Carter; visits the Ripley Tomato Festival; observes a unicycle gathering; explores Fort Pillow State Park; and more.


#205 -- Originally aired September 2006
Larry Dunn revisits the classic lemonade stand, meets singer/songwriter Garrison Starr, hears nostalgic music from a Garage Band Reunion, and more.


#206 -- Originally aired October 2006
Hair stylist Warren Lewis uses fire to cut hair in N. Memphis, find out what cats are thinking, and celebrates the spooky season with a ghost hunt and a remembrance of the creepy television host Sivad


#207 -- Originally aired November 2006
A local gas station that sells sushi, journeys to Strawberry Plains in Holly Springs, Mississippi, a sneak peak of the upcoming Memphis Memoirs documentary on WKNO’s 50th Anniversary, roller derby girls.


#208 -- Originally aired December 2006
Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, meets local artist Suzy Hendrix, learns about the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, experiences Naughty Pilates


#209 -- Originally aired January 2007
Antique Vespas, meets Stax Music Academy Artist in Residence Kirk Whalum, races around Memphis Motorsports Park, and more


#210 -- Originally aired February 2007
This month’s edition features “mallet musicians”-an ensemble at the University of Memphis who perform concerts with xylophones and marimbas.


#211 -- Originally aired April 2007
Features Stax Records, chainsaw artist George Naifeh, the Midtown blues tradition, and “Trolly Dreams: A Suite in Four Minutes.”


#212 -- Originally aired May 2007
Visit the Stax Music Academy, meet artist Randy Burns, (encore: visit the Veteran’s Museum in Halls)

#100s (Originally aired 2005-06)
#101 -- Originally aired May 2005
Premiere: Profile of artist Brian Russell; the foods of Greekfest, behind the scenes at Memphis Redbirds’ opening day
#102 -- Originally aired June 2005
Bird Dogs at the National Field Trials Championship at Ames Plantation; artist Brian Russell pt. 2 (his glass sculpture; wedding tales from the Shelby County Marriage License office; the Shack-Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS
#103 -- Originally aired July 2005
Preview of int. with Wink Martindale, implosion of Baptist Hospital, Willy Bearden’s “Photo Journal of Memphis 2004”
#104 -- Originally aired August 2005
Methodist Hospice’s Camp Bravehearts (grief camp for kids); Veterans’ Museum in Halls, TN, preview of Elvis Vigilcast 2005
#105 -- Originally aired September 2005
Memphis musician Everett Brown; the legend of Casey Jones; and a tour of Ames Plantation Manor House in Grand Junction, TN
#106 -- Originally aired October 2005
The last flight of the Memphis Belle; Clanjamfry; and ballroom dancing in the Mid-South.
#107 -- Originally aired November 2005
Terrapin Derby in Lepanto, Arkansas; Edwin Faughn, space sciences artist; and walking in Shelby Forest with Mark Higginbotham of Memphis in Motion.
#108 -- Originally aired December 2005
The Society for Creative Anachronism, part 1; The Salvation Army; and highlights from the historic implosion of the downtown Baptist Hospital.
#109 -- Originally aired January 2005
The Society for Creative Anachronism, part 2; the Pink Palace celebrates 75 years; a lawyer who makes candy; and a visit to Lauderdale Courts, where Elvis grew up.
#110 -- Originally aired February 2005
More about the history of the Pink Palace, a tribute to Rufus Thomas, and an archeologist who collects things from big excavations.
#111 -- Originally aired March 2005
A tour of Faulkner's Oxford, Mississippi; part 3 of Pink Palace history – 75 Years of Pink; a profile of singer/songwriter Everett Brown; and a visit to the Casey Jones Museum.
#112 -- Originally aired April 2005
A tour of Harrisburg, Arkansas; a look at the wood carvings of George Naifeh in Dyersburg; and opening day with the Redbirds at Autozone Park.


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