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Underwriting on WKNO

Underwriting on WKNO is a valuable resource for letting people know that your company cares about quality television and the Mid-South community. WKNO brings to the community quality programs that educate, inspire and entertain. WKNO also broadcast programs that showcase the Mid-South. WKNO Underwriters list

• 70 percent of PBS viewers feel that companies that underwrite PBS programs have a commitment to quality and excellence.*

• 63 percent of PBS viewers would choose a company that supports PBS over others, all other things being equal.*

If you want to see your company's "ratings" improve, consider underwriting on WKNO/Channel 10.

For more information, contact:

• Jim Eikner - Marketing Manager

• Carolyn Morgan - Marketing Representative

• Vicki Sampietro - Marketing Representative

*Bruskin Goldring Research, PBS Public Opinion Survey, 1999