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Make your donation hassle-free
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Support WKNO programming by donating your unwanted car, motorcycle, RV or boat! When you make a donation your vehicle is resold at an auto auction, and the proceeds go to WKNO.

To donate a car or for more information, call:
Vehicles for Charity
(855) 777-8288

  • What can I donate?
    WKNO-TV accepts cars, trucks and recreational vehicles. When you make an automobile donation your vehicle is resold at auction and the proceeds of the sale go to the WKNO-TV. Most vehicles are accepted except those that are heavily damaged or incomplete. The Kiss It Goodbye Car donation program accepts automobile donations in the WKNO-TV viewing area which includes West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and North Mississippi.
  • Are car donations tax-deductible?
    Yes, your donation qualifies as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return, because WKNO-TV is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • How do I donate a car?
    Call (855) 777-8288
    Have ready:
    • the title to your vehicle
    • location of your vehicle
    • general condition of your car
    This information assists the tow company in scheduling appropriate towing arrangements.
  • My car does not run. Can I still donate it?
    The location and condition of your car determine whether it can be accepted for resale.
  • Will you pick up my car?
    WKNO-TV will send a tow truck to pick up your vehicle. The towing company will need:
    • the vehicle keys
    • the title to your vehicle must be in your name
    • your signature authorizing the tow

    A tow receipt will be given to you by the driver — verifying that your vehicle was received on behalf of WKNO-TV.
  • How do I determine the value of my vehicle?
    The IRS allows you to take a charitable tax deduction on your federal income tax form equal to the amount the vehicle sells for at auction. If your vehicle sells for less than $500 you may deduct no more than $500. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, we will need to get additional information from you so that we can send you the IRS form 1098C. We recommend you consult your tax advisor with questions about your deduction. For more information about the IRS guidelines please click here.

To donate a car or for more information, call
Vehicles For Charity
(855) 777-8288

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